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Let's bring spellbinding stories from the Unknown!

Your contribution supports our Creative Vision,

affording us the opportunity to venture into uncharted territories, explore avant-garde storytelling methods, and challenge the conventional norms of cinematic and visual narrative.

Your engagement will help us create more ambitious projects with sharper tools.

In Production

Voices of the Kalaallit_The Rovers Quest.png

Voices of the Kalaallit_Shortfilm

Total Budget: US$ 15,729

US$ 4,814 - To Reach our Total Budget

Stage: In-Production 2024

This Quest embarks on an immersive journey into the life of a Kalaallit family, unfolding the rich tapestry of their culture through daily rituals and traditions. From ancient gastronomy to captivating myths, we explore their profound connection to land and ancestry. Setting sail from Reykjavik to Greenland, the expedition continues by land, allowing us to witness their harmonious coexistence with the wilderness. Through music, storytelling, and the art of tool craftsmanship, we delve into their unique worldview. The documentary serves as a reflection on the relevance of indigenous wisdom in addressing global challenges, urging viewers to embrace the past for a more sustainable future guided by cultural heroes.


Cosmic Dimensions

Photo Essay

US$ 300 - To Help Us Finish

Stage: Post-Production 2024

This desert quest is an aesthetic reflection of the void of the universe; the perfect stage where the past, present, and future can merge into one. A place where we can journey through all our lives. We aim to assist the viewer in finding our other half, which exists in another dimension. To cross it, we must reshape ourselves into our original being and be reborn. Finding purpose and turning our dreams into everyday realities.

California Cosmic Dimensions_The Rovers Quest.jpg

The Soothsayer & The Jaguar_Shortfilm

Total Budget: US$ 6,400

US$ 1,600 - To Reach our Total Budget

Stage: Post-Production 2024

Shot in the Kaqchikel Mayan dialect in Guatemala, this poetic film explores the end of the Mayan world. As the last natives face their doom, they send a message into the future—a plea for help and a warning. This tale recounts the evolution, decline, and hope of the Mayan civilization. Central to the story is a Mayan priestess who foresees the coming destruction and the evils during the Spanish Conquest. She warns of the lost wisdom of the Mayan Priesthood, which vanished before it could be understood. The film weaves a narrative of prophecy, survival, and the enduring spirit of the Mayan people.

Arctic Russia

The Natural Majesty of the Fear of Death
Photo Essay

US$ 500 - To Help Us Finish

Stage: Post-Production 2024

A perilous expedition to the Russian Arctic, reflecting on the profound implications of mortality and fear. Amidst the icy desolation, the narrative navigates themes of human insignificance, the quest for cosmic significance, and the transformative power of confronting mortality. Through introspection and encounters with nature's majesty, the essay delves into the complexities of human behavior and the inherent drive to explore and experience life to its fullest, despite the looming specter of death.

The Natural Majesty of the Fear of Death_The Rovers Quest.jpg
Unveiling the Amazigh Spirit_The Rovers Quest.jpg

Unveiling the "Amazigh" Spirit
Photo Essay

US$ 300 - To Help Us Finish
Stage: Post-Production 2024

Embarking on a captivating journey through Morocco; the native word "Amazigh" signifies "the free people," embodying a heritage of independence, while the Muslim translation "Berbers" carries a colonial-era connotation of "the savage people." As the quest unfolds, it delves into the rich tapestry of the Amazigh indigenous culture, exploring their deep-rooted connection to thir nomadic life. Delving into the power of language in shaping identity and perception, we gain insight into the enduring spirit of the Amazigh people and their ongoing quest for true liberation amidst tradition and modernity.


Vlad III. Dracula: A Quest for Historical Truth
Photo Essay

US$ 300 - To Help Us Finish

Stage: Post-Production 2024

Vlad The Impaler's rise as a symbol of heroism in Romania. This quest uncovers Vlad's genuine legacy as a leader who fiercely fought corruption and greed. As Romania navigates EU integration while preserving its heritage, Vlad's vision of protecting his people resonates strongly today. His legacy embodies a beacon of hope for justice, integrity, and cultural preservation in modern Romania.

Reviving Dracula A Search for Truth and Redemption_The Rovers Quest_edited.jpg
Mountain of the Sacred Knowledge_The Rovers Quest.png

Mountain of the Sacred Knowledge _PhotoBook

Total Budget: US$ 6,000

US$ 3,425 - To Reach our Total Budget

Stage: In Production 2024-2025

For over 4 years, Juancho has been documenting his experience living with the "Bribri" indigenous tribe in the Costarican Jungle.
He just recently started writing his first book, "Mountain of the Sacred Knowledge". It is based on this wonderful encounter; a life-changing journey, filled with ancient wisdom, deep jungle indigenous survival-skills and spiritual enlightenment.

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